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Happy Valentine to you!!!

Where and how are you celebrating this valentine’s day?

The norm in most of our circles and cultures is the theme RED! in everything. It is this day where society has told us we ought to recognize, appreciate, acknowledge and gift those close to us. Grand gestures, flowers, gifts, chocolates, gift baskets, dinner reservations, going to the movies are some of the things we do or organize to make this day memorable.

There are people who go all out with the grand gestures, surprises, and proposals in some cases. Others on the other hand prefer having awesome, private intimate moments with their loved ones. In light of the previous pandemic, people have come to appreciate the serenity of spending quality time with friends, spouses, and family in the confines of their homes. Others still have reservations about being in public, and we have got you covered!

This valentine for a change, purpose to enjoy valentine with the special people in your life at home. There is so much you can do by doing an array of fun and thoughtful activities with your significant other from the comfort of your house

Here are five wonderful ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day 2022 at home

  • Relax with a movie marathon: If you both are movie lovers and have some common favorites, it is the best day to binge on some mushy rom-com or series that will warm your heart. Order your favorite snacks and enjoy each other's company. A good recommendation would be the hallmark channel or surfing through Netflix.

  • Plan a picnic at home: If you want to spend some quality time with your loved one, plan a picnic on your balcony, backyard, or even your living room. Throw your comfiest cushions and mattresses on the floor, spread out a pretty bed sheet, a gourmet spread, decorate a bit and you are all set. A little music in the background will get the right feels so you can talk of everything under the sun with your beloved. Add in a board or card game to the mix and you would have planned the perfect indoor date.

  • Cook together: Make your partner's favorite dinner from scratch but make sure it's just you guys so it is all about good food and good conversation. You could also sign up for a cooking masterclass together to whip up a storm in the kitchen. It's a great way to try a new cuisine while dividing tasks and creating something delicious at the end that you can both be proud of. If not, you are sure to have a good laugh.

  • Make a bucket list together: This is a fantastic activity to do with your friends or with your beloved. Get cozy on the couch, bring out a pen and paper and write down all the things you would love to do with them. It can be traveling to exotic places, taking up a skill or a hobby, or a life goal you would like to achieve. Making the list will surely bring out emotions and set the perfect tone for the day.

  • Work a puzzle together

This one is for the cerebral kind. Get a 1000-piece puzzle and spend the day trying to put it together while lounging around, sipping some mulled wine, and talking about how much you like to spend time with each other.

Whether you are celebrating valentine alone, with your partner, friends or family, it's the perfect day to show affection and make your loved one feel special and appreciated. Keep this valentine simple, intimate and within your budget. They say the simplest of things mean the most; capture these moments and this will be your best valentine yet!

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