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In the previous post, i talked about why you need a website. One of the reasons was that a website will improve sales in your business. This post will expound more on that. First and foremost, it does not matter whether your business has a physical location or not, that is the best thing about the internet. The only thing that matters is how you plan to engage your customers to buy your product or service.


If your business has a physical location, you have a lot of chances to connect with your customers through a website. Let's take a case scenario, you own a business in town A, and i'm a new resident of town A. Assuming you have a shop, just a local shop. As a new resident in town A, i have three options;

  1. Ask a neighbor to recommend the best shop where i can buy my products.

  2. Wander around town and stumble upon your shop.

  3. Google local shops in town A.

The first two options have a less than 50% chance, that i will end up in your shop. It does not matter how trusted your services or products are. But the third option is where your secret lies. If you had a website, i would have found your shop instantly and to my surprise find out that you even sell your products online, all i have to do is order whatever i want and you will deliver it to my door. Also when i'm scrolling through your website, i find out that you have several reviews from your customer and they praise you on your good service and your top notch quality products. That's the thing about ONLINE you only need to establish trust. Now that will improve your sales by a considerable good amount. You did not have to sit around and wait for a customer to stumble upon your shop. YOU went to the CUSTOMER. Believe me when i say more than HALF of the local businesses have no ONLINE presence. If you decide to be one of the minority, then you gain a competitive advantage over other local businesses and again INCREASE your SALES. More than a BILLION people use the internet daily in the world. In KENYA as of 2019, 46 million people use the internet and the overall population as of 2019 is estimated to be 52 million. Do the math. The more people engage in your website, you also get to earn through other means (more on this). WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The FUTURE is already HERE. Next post i will cover on how a website will improve sales if your business has no physical location.

To get a website for your business, contact us today and enroll for a free consultation! Stay tuned.

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