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What better way to unwind the weekend and get to the new month than with a movie?

here is our top movie collection for you, your family, and your friends to unwind with.


For those of you out there who love watching series, here is the ultimate couch potato series. The mentalist with its first season out in the year 2008, is a crime, detective, thriller action, that has you on your toes. The series follows the lives of the detectives, with Patrick Jane being the mentalist, who uses nothing but his mind skills to catch criminals. The show has 7 seasons with each season having 24 episodes. so what are you waiting for?


Are you man enough to say it? it is hard to have a wedding with no best man? right?

In this entertaining, romantic, comedy movie, Paul Rudd, proposes to his girlfriend, and in the midst of planning the wedding, he realizes that he has no male friends. Ever since he was young, he was always able to get along with women more than men. So who is gonna be the best man at his wedding?

He sets out on a journey to find a male best friend, where he meets Jason Segel, and things take a turn.

Will Paul, Finally be able to connect with his male counterparts? find out in this attention-grabbing movie!


If you are a film fanatic, then you have definitely come across The Coen Brothers. Burn after reading is a black comedy, spy film, written, produced, and directed by the Coen Brothers. And, just like every other film of theirs, this one does not disappoint. Burn after reading will have you clenching your teeth.

The movie revolves around the Intelligence world and the normal life of gym working employees who come across a CD that contains the secrets of a CIA agent. The gym employees decide to black mail the CIA agent with the contents of the CD and once the plan fails, they decide to sell the CD to the Russian embassy.

And that is just the beginning, Grab a copy and watch the comedy as it unfolds!


What could go wrong, when all you are trying to do is take care of business?

The answer is a lot! like losing your wife and getting fired.

James Belushi does not disappoint. In this movie, James Belushi acts as a fugitive who wins a ticket to the world series. The only problem is that he is in prison. So, what does "Jimmy" do? he breaks out of prison to go watch the world series, one day before his release.

His life out of prison is mixed with the life of Charles Grodin, who is a business executive and loves his job more than his life.

But things take a wrong turn and now, Belushi has to take care of business.

Grab a copy and get cozy with this comedy!


What could go wrong with a Tommy Lee Jones movie?

Absolutely nothing! Man of The House is a comedy film, that revolves around the life of cheerleaders who are witnesses to a murder.

Tommy Lee Jones, who is the detective, has to go undercover and act as an assistant cheerleader coach, in order to catch the criminal.

The only problem is, that he hates cheerleading! Will the girls change his mind? Find out in this thrilling movie!

Happy Weekend and Happy New Month! Enjoy the Movies

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