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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Our young and future generation just did their exams to proceed to another level. It is very important for us as adults, parents, and guardians, to ensure that they receive the quality education that they deserve. This means ensuring that they access education and go to schools that have all the resources that they need to realize their dreams and learn towards them.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog post is to ensure that you are aware of the opportunities that are available, for you and your child, to ensure they receive a quality education.

The MPESA Foundation scholarships for the year 2022 are currently open. Make sure you download the form and fill it and submit it. In addition, so is the wings to fly scholarship form by equity bank foundation.

If you are looking for a scholarship, this is your chance. Ensure that you maximize and access all the opportunities available to ensure that your child receives a quality education.

Requirements of Qualification for Equity Wings to Fly Scholarship 2022

The following are some of the factors that will determine if your child qualifies for the scholarship.
n.b special needs children and children with disability are prioritized.
  1. You must be in the top 5th percentile in your sub-county in terms of marks.

  2. You must be from an economically disadvantaged background (Orphan, guardians with disability and can’t support you, parents with chronic illness, disabled needy parents e.t.c)

  3. You must be a Kenyan Citizen

  4. You must have your result slip

Requirements of Qualification for M-PESA Foundation Scholarship 2022


1. Each applicant must be in the last year of primary school, registered to sit for their KCPE exams in November 2022

2. Applicants must be at least 13 and not more than 16 years of age at the time they are expected to join MYP4 in 2023.

3. We accept applications from all 47 Counties. Refugee students who are duly registered are encouraged to apply.

4. The Academy is an inclusive learning environment, and students with SEND (Special Education Needs & Disability) are encouraged to apply.

Important Dates Application period starts on 10th March 2022 and closes on 31st August 2022. Applications received after 31st of August will not be considered.

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:
A. Academic Excellence.
B. Leadership and Entrepreneurship Potential.
C. Financial Need.
D. Responsible Citizenship.
E. Critical Thinking Skills.
F. Problem Solving Skills

You can access the application forms from their websites or download the forms below.

Download PDF • 51.69MB

Download PDF • 46.24MB

Download PDF • 271KB

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