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The Power of Social Media

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

How many times a day do you use one of your social media platforms? For me, it's Instagram, and I visit it quite a few times on a daily basis. According to Broadbandsearch “Every day, the number of social media users increases. Every second, 11 people use social media for the first time. In 2017, less than 2.5 billion people were on social media worldwide. Today, in 2020, some 3.8 billion people use social media, which is more than half the world's population.”

What this statistic tells us, is that there is power in social media. COVID-19 has completely changed our lives. The way we learn, the way we conduct business, and the way we shop. However, one of the major ways or the easiest ways to get your career on track or to fulfill your dream is to simply have an active social media account. You can dedicate your day and time to one or more social media accounts.

Previously, we used social media to keep track of our friends and relatives. However, today social media is a platform that will make you financially stable and independent. The best thing about it is that you only need to be active and committed. Make sure you post at least 3 times a week, follow people, like, comment and share. Be engaged and sooner than later you will have an account that demands your time.

For now, It really doesn’t matter what your account is all about, whether to display your comic side, show your writing skills, show your artistic side, or simply your life and lifestyle. The only thing that matters right now and what you need to know is that keeping your account active and being constantly engaged in it, will be an extra source of income.

Your account could be used to sell your products or services to your audience and you could also get partnerships with big companies for you to market their products on your platform due to your huge audience.

What do you use your time on social media for? Now you know that the time you spend on your social media could be used for positive impact, to advertise your skills and talents, to sell your products and services, and to have an extra source of income.

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