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The Role of Technology in Governance


The growth of information and technology has encouraged the government to invest and adopt the use of the internet and other channels of communication to offer citizens better, cheaper, and faster services. E-service is a digital payment platform that enables citizens and visitors of a country to access and pay for government services online. Examples of e-citizen include; visa application, business license, iTax, and many more.

The following are citizens perceptions of E-citizen:

a) Reliability

Reliability is citizen’s confidence towards using e-citizen services and in-time delivery of the service. It should be easy to use, available throughout, and offer high transaction speed.

b) Privacy and security

This is how to secure personal information is on an e-citizen website. Some of the citizens tend not to use this because of the safety of their personal information e.g., ID number, credit card information.

c) Service quality

This is the measure of how well a delivered service matches a customer’s expectations. Service quality has been given increased attention because of its contribution towards developing and satisfying the citizens with the services.

d) Attitude

People’s attitude towards government services hinders the use of e-citizen. Some citizens prefer face-to-face communication with the representative to online communication this is because they can be able to argue their cases well.

e) Awareness

Some people in the rural areas lack knowledge in the improved technology hence they know little or nothing about e-citizen. This leads to the citizens preferring the use of the traditional method which is paper-based.


The research showed that the majority of users find e-citizen useful. The platform is easy to navigate and provides access to government services. The use of the service has also saved on time and money as customers are now able to transact from anywhere without having to visit the various government offices, therefore, lowering travel and queuing. The government needs to conduct seminars and workshops to create awareness.

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