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What is e-Citizen?


This is a resident of a country/state who uses electronic methods to access government services. The E-Citizen platform can also be defined as a digital website that enables Kenyan citizens both residents and visitors exercise their rights and duties in the electronic/digital world by accessing information. These services are paid for via mobile money, debit cards, and e-citizen agents. This platform aims to enhance interactions between the government, its administration, and the public in making sure they have created awareness, given relevant information, and the means to communicate with the authorities.

E-citizen has an interactive aspect which includes involving the residents in decision making. Citizens take part in active public consultations and public opinion surveys which are initiated by the government. The residents take part in public consultations, surveys and later submit their petitions. Upon completion of the surveys, the e-citizen portal publishes the outcomes and people get to know whether their suggestions have had any influence on the decisions being made.

Requirements to Access E-Citizen Services

o You Must have a national identity card or a national alien card

o You Must be above 18 years

o Access to a computer

o Good internet connection

Services offered by e-citizen include;

o Civil registration services. Birth certificates, late birth certificates, death certificates

o Business. Business name registration and search with the registrar of companies

o Driving. Provisional driving license, driving class endorsement, driving license information corrections, driving test booking, driving license renewal

o Immigration. Passport applications for adults and children, applications for Kenyan visas

o Lands. Official search, application for official copy, land rent clearance certificates

o KRA. Excisable goods management systems, returns filing, customs goods declaration, pin application/registration, tax compliance certificate checker, Withholding tax (WHT), KRA mobile payments

o Marriages. Notice of marriages, solemnization of marriages. Commissioning of affidavits, issuance of registrar’s certificate, issuance of marriage certificates

This digital platform has had good success since the services are readily available, it is easy to learn, the information given is relevant and adequate, the tasks on the site are accomplished with ease, the private information uploaded by the people is safeguarded but the security measures put in place. Some of the down parts of this platform are; not everyone is trained on how to effectively use it, this service has not reached those in rural areas, not enough awareness has been done by the government, system issues, and delays.

All in all, E-citizen is a fast, secure, and convenient digital platform that has made it easier to access, interact and relate with government services.

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